Transforming cancer treatment with Protein Phosphatase 2A inhibitors

Unveiling the first of a novel class of therapeutic agents

Lixte has developed a first-in-class enhancer of chemotherapy and immunotherapy

In recent years, the field of cancer treatment has undergone remarkable advancement with the introduction of immunotherapy. This approach has revolutionized the landscape of cancer care.

Both chemotherapy, and immunotherapy are treatment modalities that offer broad applicability to many types and stages of cancer, with the potential to benefit a wide range of patients. Our lead molecule LB-100 has shown remarkable synergy with chemotherapy and immunotherapy in a range of pre-clinical models.

Chemotherapy & Immunotherapy: Shared Potential, Common Challenges

Chemotherapy and immunotherapy face common challenges that have limited their success rates:

Limited efficacy: The efficacy of these approaches is limited by the resistance of cancer cells, both intrinsic and acquired.

Toxicity: The potential for side effects can restrict the dosage or duration of treatment and, consequently, impact the overall efficacy.

Pioneering a novel class of cancer therapy


+ LB-100

Enhanced chemotherapy efficacy

  • Stimulates cell proliferation
  • Inhibits DNA repair


+ LB-100

Enhanced immunotherapy efficacy

  • Promote production of neoantigens
  • Increase release of cytokines
  • Enhance T cell proliferation

Our unique approach: potentially enhances both immunotherapies and chemotherapies with a PP2A inhibitor

In addition to pursuing novel therapies or new combinations, we believe we should try to increase the efficacy of existing treatments so that they work for a broader range of patients.

Our company has pioneered a novel class of cancer therapy that strongly enhances the efficacy of both chemotherapies and immunotherapies in pre-clinical models.

At the core of this approach lies our proprietary compound, LB-100, which acts as an inhibitor of the PP2A phosphatase—a critical enzyme involved in multiple cellular functions.

Join us in our mission
to bring the first PP2A inhibitor to cancer patients.